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Uber and Arrival are building an electric ride-hailing car

Arrival, the UK EV start-up, has been busy recently.  The company launched a prototype delivery van and bus last year and floated on the US stock market in March via a SPAC merger.  Not content with this, Arrival has recently announced a new project with Uber to build a bespoke ride-hailing car.

The start-up will use its EV platform and expertise to design and build the new vehicle with input from Uber drivers and users.  This should mean that the car is optimised for ride-hailing, with extra space for drivers and passengers.  Like their new delivery van, the new car will need to be extra hard-wearing as ride-hailing vehicles travel over 30,000 miles per year compared to the 8,000 mile average of a consumer car.

Photo courtesy of Arrival

This looks like a good move for both companies as EVs are extremely well suited for ride-hailing and taxi use, due to their low costs of fuel, maintenance and very high efficiency in low-speed urban environments.  It also fits with Uber’s ‘Clean Air Plan’ in London, with the company pledging £135 million to support Uber drivers in switching to an EV.   Arrival’s new car will launch in 2023 and will presumably be the preferred choice for Uber’s EV switch scheme.  This will definitely be needed if Uber is going to fulfil its promise of all cars on the app going fully electric by 2025.

This also ties in with ‘Uber Green‘, a new option on the app, that allows passengers to select a fully electric car at no extra cost. So far in London over 3.5 million trips have taken place in EVs, improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions in a city that really needs it.

With this new product, we can’t help thinking that a full consumer EV car may not be too far away from Arrival.

Photos from Arrival.

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