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IONIQ 5 will get Vehicle to Grid charging

There has been much excitement about the forthcoming Hyundai IONIQ 5, largely due to its stylish design and 800v ultra-rapid system enabling over 200kW charging speeds. But another innovative technology that has caught consumers attention is the cars Vehicle to Load (V2L) capability that allows everyday household appliances to be powered by the IONIQ 5 battery.

This is a great feature and will be really useful for recharging laptops in the car or for camping trips. However many people have been hoping that Hyundai go one step further and add full Vehicle to Grid charging to the IONIQ 5. This would allow owners to power their entire home using the cars 58kWh or 72kWh battery. Or to sell power back to the grid during peak periods using new tariffs such as Octopus Powerloop.

It now looks like the IONIQ 5 will be getting full Vehicle to Grid capability, according to a new Smart Grid project announcement in the Netherlands. The joint project between Hyundai, City of Utrecht and We Drive Solar aims to use a fleet of IONIQ 5 cars and 500 V2G charging stations to create a true Smart Grid in Utrecht.

Photo courtesy of Hyundai

The project aims to make Utrecht the world’s first bidirectional city, using solar and wind to charge a fleet of IONIQ 5 vehicles, that then return power to the grid at peak periods to balance the power needs of the city. This project will showcase the benefits of using V2G EVs as a battery back up system to increase the capacity of an urban electricity grid. Rather than building expensive gas turbines to add extra power capacity to the grid, the city will invest in a fleet of IONIQ 5 cars that can provide the same level of power for a lower cost. This approach is also smarter as the EVs can be used during off-peak periods for emission free transport in the city.

The project aims to test the V2G technology this year once the first IONIQ 5 vehicles are delivered. And by early 2022 they expect to have a fleet of at least 150 IONIQ 5’s providing V2G power to the city, that’s about 9mWh of backup power! This should mean that while the initial IONIQ 5 models only have Vehicle to Load capability, we should expect a Vehicle to Grid version of the car in 2022.

Photos from Hyundai, We Drive Solar and Utrecht Government.

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  1. Adam,
    Came across this article when searching for ioniq v2g after watching a YouTube video on the Smart Project. As a Tesla stockholder I’m sorry to say I’ll be looking at Hyundai & others if Tesla doesn’t bring back V2G capabilities by the time my 2020 Bolt lease is up. Even though the grid might not be ready for it, we need to see the cars support it Now!

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