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IONIQ 5 Test Drive achieves 195kW charge at futuristic charging station

The IONIQ 5 from Hyundai is one of the most hotly anticipated EVs of the year, due to its impressive tech and ultra-rapid 800v charging capability at the lowest price seen so far. Although that’s not too difficult given that the only other 800v capable EV at the moment is a Porsche! We are expecting to see the first editions of the IONIQ 5 reach consumers some time in the autumn, but it looks like some press and bloggers are now getting their first drive in the car. A Youtuber by the name of Charlie Min AKA ‘Asian Petrolhead‘ has posted what he claims is the worlds first test drive review of an IONIQ 5.

In the review Charlie tries out various features of the car including sport mode and the large Heads Up Display (HUD). The first drive seemed to happen at a big review event in South Korea which included some demonstrations of the cars ability to provide ‘Vehicle to Load’ power supply for various household items. This could be really useful for taking some creature comforts on camping trips, but for many of us that might actually take some of the fun out of roughing it. Do you really want to replace a camp fire with a microwave in the boot? In fact one guy seems to take this to the extreme by bringing a full size refrigerator to a camp site!

The IONIQ 5 has Vehicle to Load which means you can power most household appliances from the car! (Photo: Hyundai)

The IONIQ 5 will come in two battery sizes of 58kWh and 72kWh and the top spec model will do 0 to 100km/h (62mph) in 5.2 seconds. It will have a boot size of 531 litres and according to Charlie Min it will cost about $33,000 once South Korean incentives are included. Which isn’t too bad given the ultra-rapid charging and extra tech of the car.

The highlight of the review was a visit to one of Hyundai’s new futuristic 800v charging stations, which look like giant pulsating frisbees! Once activated they revolve and drop a charging cable from above, which looks quite cool, but I can’t help thinking they might be a bit impractical and risk scratching the paint work if you don’t pay attention!

The IONIQ 5 has both 800v and 400v charging capability (Photo: Hyundai)

Once plugged in the 350kW charge point added 84km (52 miles) in 4 minutes, which roughly works out at about 195kW. So the IONIQ 5 was not able to demonstrate its full 200kW+ charging capability, however it should be noted that the car was charging from quite a high battery charge (40%) and we don’t know how much the battery was pre-heated or driven beforehand. Even so 195kW is much better than anything we have seen from Hyundai before and we are expecting future reviews that will be able to better showcase the IONIQ 5’s full 800v ultra-rapid charging.

While waiting for the charge, Charlie explored the facilities at the new charging station which included a cafe, family play room and store. It looked a lot nicer than most traditional petrol stations and definitely somewhere we would like to spend 18 minutes while our EV charges from 10% to 80%! You can watch the review below:

It was quite a short review, but definitely wetted our appetite to see more of this amazing new car. And we may not have to wait very long, as more IONIQ 5 first drive reviews are expected next week in Europe.

UPDATE (28/04/2021): Hyundai have posted the below video that shows an 18 minute charge from 10% to 80% that briefly shows a top charging speed of 225kW!

Video from Hyundai YouTube

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YouTube video from Asian Petrolhead and Photos from Hyundai.

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